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You know your car best because you drive it daily. You know how it should sound. If you feel something isn’t right, then it probably isn’t. Whether you have warning lights, performance issues or a noisy engine, put your mind at ease by getting in touch so we can help diagnose the problem and rest your vehicle to it’s former glory.

Our experienced technicians can quickly identify any problem within your car, motorbike or quad bike using the latest diagnostic software and equipment. The diagnostic test can quickly determine if your vehicle has issues with its engine, exhaust, transmission coils and many more.

Don’t wait for something severe to happen to your vehicle or breakdown before getting in touch. Get your vehicle diagnostic check today here at our Salisbury garage to help prevent any severe problems from happening in the future.

Contact us today to arrange your tyre fitting in Salisbury either by phoneFacebook or by using our handy contact form.

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