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Here at Adams Autos, when car remapping, our go to choice is the KessV2 tuning system because of the wide range of vehicles it supports and the strong reliability from the KessV2 from Alientech.

In the past, tuning your car involved physically changing a chip in the ECU with a tuned version.


Those days have passed and the current method is to connect to the software in your car, make the changes directly which is much easier and safer.

By remapping your car with our service, you can get better performance and a better throttle response. Manufacturers leave tolerances into their cars and this is what we exploit to achieve the improvements.

Car remapping isn’t just for performance, however, ECU remapping can be used for improving the fuel efficiency of your car.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your vehicle.

Highlights of the KessV2:

  • Increased bhp

  • Increased torque

  • Better economy

  • Allows you to unleash your cars potential

Some examples of performance increases with our car remapping are:

Ford Focus ST 2.5

From 225 HP to 260HP

BMW 325i (E90 218)

From 218HP to 233HP

Volkswagen Golf Mk.7 TSI GTI

From 220HP to 300HP

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