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Millions of Drivers could be at Risk of £1,000 Fine

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

As the COVID-19 MOT extensions are coming to an end, 1.86 million cars are currently being driven without a valid MOT test certificate in place.

MOT holidays were introduced during the first lockdown, and according to the DVSA, every fifth car is yet to be retested despite most of them having passed their extended expiry date.

Almost two million cars’ MOT test is now overdue

Unfortunately, reminders are not routinely sent out by the DVSA unless we sign up to receive them. The changing expiry dates have made it difficult for drivers to stay on track with their MOT test. It can be a costly mistake, as failing to get a valid certificate can land drivers with a four-figure fine.

Motorists can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT test certificate. An extra £2,500 fine can be added if the car is in a dangerous condition.

Here in Salisbury, we also see a rise in owners getting their car tested weeks after their certificate has become invalid. Not only can it lead to a hefty fine, but it can also invalidate the insurance policy and ultimately result in an accident.

Unused cars can develop problems

Some owners are in disbelief that their car should still be roadworthy, as they haven’t been using it during the lockdown.

However, a wide range of car problems is actually associated with the lack of regular use. This includes some dangerous faults, such as rusty brake rotors. It’s easy for rust to build up, especially if the car is parked outside. If it’s left untreated for too long, the rust can eat its way through and cause brake failure.

Book your MOT in Salisbury

Although we encourage Salisbury’s car owners to book their MOT test as far in advance as possible, we also offer MOT testing at short notice. We can perform all the tests while you wait at our unit on Churchfields Industrial Estate in Salisbury.

You can book your MOT test with us either by phone, Facebook or our contact form.


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