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E10 Petrol: The Standard Petrol at Salisbury's Garages will be Changed this Summer

As the British government is committed to making the UK carbon neutral by 2050, a significant change to the petrol we pump into our cars is coming.

E10 petrol nozzle at the petrol dispenser
Photo: Markusspiske/Pixabay

The UK is rolling out a lighter version of unleaded fuel called E10 this summer, which will be the new standard petrol instead of the currently used E5.

What is E10 petrol?

The new E10 petrol is blended with 10 per cent renewable ethanol, while the currently used E5 only contains 5 per cent. E10 is widely used already in the EU, Australia, and the US. Its higher ethanol content can reduce carbon emissions by nearly 80,000 tonnes per year.

The UK rollout will be progressive, with each petrol station in Salisbury expected to have the new E10 petrol by the end of the summer. The current standard E5 will still be available at most petrol stations afterwards. Motorists will be able to identify the two different fuels by checking the black circular E10 or E5 label on the nozzle and the petrol dispenser.

E10 and E5 petrol label

Check if your vehicle is compatible with E10

Although most cars will be able to use the new standard petrol, about 5 per cent of UK road vehicles are not compatible with it. It amounts to approximately 1000 vehicles in the Salisbury area.

The RAC has said that almost every car built after 2011 should be compatible with the new standard petrol, while most cars registered before 2002 are not.

You can check whether your car is compatible with the new standard petrol through the government’s online E10 Compatibility Checker.

If your vehicle is not compatible with E10

If your car engine is not compatible with E10 petrol, you should use the higher-octane E5 fuel, which will be available at most garages in Salisbury.

However, E5 petrol will, unfortunately, become more expensive once the new E10 comes into use. Estimates suggest that it will cost £5 - £10 more to fill up a standard family car’s tank with E5 petrol after the change.

If you put E10 fuel into a non-compatible vehicle

If you fill a non-compatible vehicle with E10 fuel by mistake, it should not cause a major problem after one occasion. However, it should not become a regular occurrence.

As a one-off, E10 should not damage the non-compatible vehicle’s engine so there is no need to drain the tank. Prolonged use, however, may cause more harm over time.

Mixing E10 and E5 petrol

If your car is compatible with the new standard petrol, it’s absolutely safe to mix E10 and E5 without causing any engine performance issues.

If you have a diesel car

Diesel car owners also need to be cautious of the new emission control regulations. New diesel cars on the road are required to have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in their exhaust system to reduce the amount of pollution produced by the vehicle. DPF, however, can cause a loss in engine performance and fuel economy.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is another emission control feature present in diesel vehicles that can cause a loss in performance or poor fuel economy.

If you need help with your engine performance

We offer both DPF delete and EGR removal services in our Salisbury garage, which can increase your diesel car’s fuel economy by 20% and resolve any engine performance issues caused by these components.

If you are concerned about your car’s engine performance or fuel economy, our Salisbury based repair & service specialists are happy to help.

You can message us on Facebook, use our contact form or give us a call on 01722 411444.


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